About The Wam Database

Wam Website Summary

The World Architecture Map (WAM) is an online building index that serves as a mapping and tagging resource for architecture of interest around the globe. The site includes ancient and contemporary architecture, as well as everything in between. WAM also contains an architectural tagging system that is unrivaled on the web in its scope and consistency. Those interested in the world of architecture will find in WAM all the tools necessary to learn about the built environment around them.

The Goal for WAM

Worldwide domination! WAM seeks to be the most comprehensive database for architectural information on the web, and through connections with well known websites already in use, the site will serve as a locus among all other resources on the web.

WAM also seeks to be the best travel resource for architects, designers, and those interested in the built environment. By indexing architecture of all time-frames and locations on the globe, WAM leaves no interest behind when considering travel options. From the pyramid fields of Egypt to the skyscrapers of the West, WAM has it.

Logistics for WAM

Currently, one person is responsible for compiling the data and adding content to the website that users contribute. As the website grows, users will be able to add their own content, comment on buildings in the database, flag inappropriate content, and provide ratings of buildings in the database.

New buildings generally get added multiple times a week, provided the site manager is not on a deadline at his day job as an architectural designer. Check out the WAM Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on new buildings and site features.

Wam Growth

If you are interested in helping the database grow, help us by contributing material! If you find world class architecture that is not yet included on WAM, let us know in the CONTACT section of the website.   It can be as simple as a building name and city, or the name of a building element or technology, and we will take it from there.

WAM is always interested in hearing feedback from our users as well; if you have ideas on how to improve or expand the WAM site, we would love to hear them! The site was built on the idea of collaboration, and the goals of WAM can not be achieved through the work of an individual; your help will be what keeps WAM growing and evolving.

About Christopher Botham - Creater of World Architecture Map

WAM is the brainchild of Christopher James Botham, who is currently responsible for adding and updating content, as well as site marketing and design. Christopher is currently a Master of Architecture Candidate at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation in New York City. Check out his site at www.bothamdesign.com.

WAM is copyright 2008-2015 BOTHAM | DESIGN.