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Building Location Style Type
Independence Temple Independence, MO, United States Modern Religious - Temple
India Gate New Delhi, , India Neoclassical Civic - Monument
Indian Community School Franklin, WI, United States Modern - Expressionist Educational - School
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, , India Modern - Mass Civic - Headquarters
Indiana State Capitol Indianapolis, IN, United States Beaux-Arts Civic - Capitol
Indiana University Art Museum Bloomington, IN, United States Modern Public - Museum
Indianapolis Art Center Indianapolis, IN, United States Post Modern Public - Museum
Indoor Tennis Center (Heimburg) Heimberg, , Germany Structural Expressionist Assembly - Stadium
Indoor Tennis Center (Solothurn) Solothurn, , Switzerland Structural Expressionist Assembly - Stadium
Indra Corporate Building Barcelona, , Spain Modern Commercial - Office
Infinity Tower Dubai, , United Arab Emirates Modern - Expressionist Tower - Residential
Infinity Tower (Brisbane) Brisbane, , 1 Modern Tower - Residential
Information Commons (Sheffield) Sheffield, , England Modern Educational - University
Infosys Pune Pune, , India Modern - Sculptural Assembly - Conference
ING Headquarters Budapest, , Hungary Deconstructivist Commercial - Office
ING House Amsterdam, , The Netherlands Modern - High Tech Commercial - Office
Ingapirca Ingapirca, , Ecuador Ancient Incan Defensive - Citadel
Ingleside Branch Library San Francisco, , United States Modern Public - Library
INHolland University Rotterdam, , The Netherlands Modern - Expressionist Educational - University
Inland Steel Building Chicago, IL, United States Modern - Structural Tower - Office
INMOS Factory Newport, , Wales Modern - High Tech Industrial - Factory
Inner Gate (Hōryū-ji Temple) Nara, KN, Japan Japanese Defensive - Gate
Innovation Tower Hong Kong, , China Deconstructivist Educational - University
Innsbruck Cathedral Innsbruck, , Austria Baroque Religious - Cathedral
Innsbruck Hofkirche Innsbruck, , Austria Baroque Religious - Church
Institut Sainte-Marie Addition La Verpilliere, , France Modern - Brutalist Educational - University
Institute for Forestry and Nature Research Wageningen, , The Netherlands Modern - Environmental Commercial - Laboratory
Institute for Historical Heritage Madrid, , Spain Modern - Expressionist Commercial - Office
Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, MA, United States Modern Public - Museum
Institute of Foreign Languages Phnom Penh, , Cambodia Modern - Sculptural Educational - University