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Building Location Style Type
Gila Cliff Dwellings Silver City, NM, United States Vernacular - Americas Residential - Multi Family
Gilde Opleidingen Venray, The Netherlands Modern Educational - University
Ginkaku-ji Temple Kyoto, KN, Japan Japanese Religious - Temple
Ginkgo Lounge Bar Portimao, Portugal Modern - Minimalist Commercial - Restaurant
Ginza Theater Tokyo, KA, Japan Modern Assembly - Theatre
Giovannitti House Pittsburgh, PA, United States Modern - Expressionist Residential - Single Family
GIRA Production Hall Radevormwald, Germany Modern Industrial - Factory
GISA & FGC Headquarters Barcelona, Spain Modern Commercial - Office
Gisors Castle Gisors, France Medieval Defensive - Castle
GL Events Headquarters Lyon, France Modern - Structural Commercial - Office
Glaciarium El Calafate, Argentina Modern - Expressionist Public - Museum
Glamis Castle Glamis, Scotland Medieval Residential - Palace
Glasgow Cathedral Glasgow, Scotland Gothic - English Religious - Cathedral
Glasgow City Chambers Glasgow, Scotland Beaux-Arts Civic - Headquarters
Glasgow School of Art Glasgow, Scotland Art Nouveau Educational - University
Glasgow Science Centre Glasgow, Scotland Modern - High Tech Public - Museum
Glasgow Tower Glasgow, Scotland Modern - Structural Tower - Sculptural
Glasgow University Main Building Glasgow, Scotland Neo-Gothic Educational - University
Glaspaleis Heerlen, The Netherlands Modern Commercial - Retail
Glass Bubble Malmö, Sweden Modern - High Tech Public - Conservatory
Glass Chapel (Masons Bend) Masons Bend, AL, United States Modern - Organic Religious - Chapel
Glass Farm Schijndel, The Netherlands Modern - Expressionist Commercial - Retail
Glass House New Canaan, CT, United States Modern Residential - Single Family
Glass Palace Music School Heerlen, The Netherlands Modern Educational - University
Glass Pavilion (Toledo Museum of Art) Toledo, OH, United States Modern - Minimalist Public - Museum
GlassHouse Port Macquarie, Australia Modern Assembly - Theatre Assembly - Conference
Glastonbury Abbey Glastonbury, England Gothic - English Religious - Abbey
Glastonbury Tor Glastonbury, England Medieval Religious - Church
Glessner House Chicago, IL, United States Richardsonian Romanesque Residential - Single Family
Globe of Science and Innovation Meyrin, Switzerland Modern - Structural Public - Museum