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Building Location Style Type
Globe Theatre London, England Medieval Assembly - Theatre
Gloucester Cathedral Gloucester, England Gothic - English Religious - Cathedral
GMT Institute Jakarta, Indonesia Modern - Mass Commercial - Office
Gniezno Cathedral Gniezno, Poland Gothic - Brick Religious - Cathedral
Goetheanum Dornach, Switzerland Early Modern Educational - University
Goetz Collection Munich, Germany Modern Public - Museum
Gol Gumbaz Bijapur, India Islamic Hindu Religious - Monument
Golden Gate (Vladimir) Vladimir, Russia Kievan Rus Defensive - Gate
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, CA, United States Modern - Structural Transportation - Bridge
Golden Hall (Hōryū-ji Temple) Nara, KN, Japan Japanese Religious - Temple
Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji) Kyoto, KN, Japan Japanese Public - Pavilion
Golden Stupa (Erdene Zuu) Kharkhorin, Mongolia Chinese Religious - Monument
Golden Summit (Emai) Mount Emei, China Chinese Religious - Temple
Golden Temple of Dambulla Dambulla, Sri Lanka Buddhist Religious - Temple
Golubac Fortress Golubac, Serbia Medieval Defensive - Fort
Gonbad-e Qabus Gonbad-e Qabus, Iran Medieval Defensive - Tower
Gonville and Caius College Gate of Honour Cambridge, England Renaissance - Italian Defensive - Gate
GOR Building Mexico City, Mexico Modern - High Tech Commercial - Office
Gordon Wu Hall Princeton, NJ, United States Post Modern Educational - University
Gori Rest Stop Gori, Georgia Modern - Mass Public - Infrastructure
Gormley Studio London, England Modern Industrial - Workshop
Gosdorf Observation Tower Gosdorf, Austria Deconstructivist Tower - Sculptural
Gosford Castle Markethill, Ireland Norman Neo-Gothic Residential - Palace
Gota de Plata Auditorium Pachuca, Mexico Modern Assembly - Theatre
Gottardo Bank Lugano, Switzerland Modern - Mass Commercial - Office
Gourdon Church Gourdon, France Romanesque Religious - Church
Gouveia Law Courts Gouveia, Portugal Modern - Mass Civic - Courthouse
Gouverneto Monastery Akrotiri, CE, Greece Byzantine Religious - Monastery
Governer's Palace (Uxmal) Uxmal, YC, Mexico Ancient Mayan Residential - Palace
Government Palace of Bolivia La Paz, Bolivia Neoclassical Civic - Headquarters