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Building Location Style Type
Het College Weert Weert, , The Netherlands Modern Educational - School
Het Gebouw Utrecht, , The Netherlands Modern Public - Pavilion
Het Schip Amsterdam, , The Netherlands Early Modern Residential - Multi Family
Het Steen Castle Antwerp, , Belgium Medieval Defensive - Castle
Het Valkhof Museum Nijmegen, , The Netherlands Modern Public - Museum
Hever Castle Hever, , England Medieval Defensive - Castle
Heydar Aliyev Centre Baku, , Azerbaijan Modern - Sculptural Assembly - Theatre
HHStyle Tokyo, KA, Japan Modern - Minimalist Commercial - Retail
HHStyle Annex Tokyo, KA, Japan Modern - Expressionist Commercial - Retail
Higashi Tamagawa House Tokyo, KA, Japan Modern - Mass Residential - Single Family
Higashiyama Kaii Gallery Nagano, CU, Japan Modern Public - Museum
Higashiyama Kaii Museum Marugame, SH, Japan Modern Public - Museum
Higgins Hall Center Section Brooklyn, NY, United States Modern - Expressionist Educational - University
High Coast Nature Center Docksta, , Sweden Modern - Mass Public - Museum
High Court (Chandigarh) Chandigarh, , India Modern - Mass Civic - Courthouse
High Museum of Art Atlanta, GA, United States Modern - Expressionist Public - Museum
High Museum of Art Expansion Atlanta, GA, United States Modern - High Tech Public - Museum
High School #9 (Los Angeles) Los Angeles, , United States Deconstructivist Educational - School
High Speed Train Station Afragola, , Italy Modern - Expressionist Transportation - Station
Highcliff Hong Kong, , China Modern Tower - Residential
Highfield House Condominium Baltimore, MD, United States Modern Residential - Multi Family
Highlight Munich Business Towers Munich, , Germany Modern Tower - Office
HighLine 23 New York City, NY, United States Modern - Structural Residential - Multi Family
Higuey Basilica Higüey, , The Dominican Republic Modern - Brutalist Religious - Basilica
Hilarión Eslava Apartments Madrid, , Spain Modern Residential - Multi Family
Hilarión Eslava Houses Madrid, , Spain Modern Residential - Multi Family
Hildesheim Cathedral Hildesheim, , Germany Romanesque Religious - Cathedral
Hill House (Helensburgh) Helensburgh, , Scotland Art Nouveau Residential - Single Family
Hillbrow Tower Johannesburg, , South Africa Modern Tower - Communications
Hilliard University Art Museum Lafayette, LA, United States Modern Public - Museum