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Building Location Style Type
Hillside Home School (Taliesin) Spring Green, WI, United States Modern - Prairie Educational - University
Hillside West Tokyo, KA, Japan Modern Commercial - Office
Hilversum Town Hall Hilversum, , The Netherlands Early Modern Civic - City Hall
Himeji-jo Castle Himeji, KN, Japan Japanese Defensive - Castle
Himmelhaus Venice, , United States Deconstructivist Residential - Single Family
Hinds House Los Angeles, , United States Modern - Mid-Century Residential - Single Family
Hines House Sea Ranch, , United States Modern - Mid-Century Residential - Single Family
Hinzert Information Centre Hinzert, , Germany Modern - Expressionist Public - Museum
Hippodrome (Cyrene) Jerash, , Jordan Ancient Greek Assembly - Stadium
Hippodrome (Delphi) Delphi, , Greece Ancient Greek Assembly - Stadium
Hippodrome (Rhodes) Rhodes, , Greece Ancient Greek Assembly - Stadium
Hippodrome (Tyre) Sur, , Lebanon Ancient Roman Assembly - Stadium
Hiroshi Senju Museum Karuizawa, CU, Japan Modern - Minimalist Public - Museum
Hiroshi Senju Museum Café Karuizawa, CU, Japan Deconstructivist Commercial - Restaurant
Hiroshima Castle Hiroshima, CH, Japan Japanese Defensive - Castle
Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine Hiroshima, CH, Japan Japanese Religious - Temple
Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art Hiroshima, CH, Japan Post Modern Public - Museum
Hiroshima Peace Center Hiroshima, CH, Japan Modern Public - Monument
Hirsch House New York City, NY, United States Modern Residential - Single Family
His Lai Temple Hacienda Heights, , United States Buddhist Religious - Temple
Hisham's Palace Jericho, , Palestine Medieval Residential - Palace
History Faculty Library Cambridge, , England Modern Public - Library
Hive Apartment Melbourne, , 1 Modern - Expressionist Residential - Multi Family
Ho Chi Minh City Hall Ho Chi Minh City, , Vietnam Neo-Renaissance Civic - City Hall
Ho Dynasty Citadel Tây Giai, , Vietnam Medieval Defensive - Citadel
Hochzeitsturn & Exhibition Building Darmstadt, , Germany Early Modern Assembly - Exhibition
Hoenheim Gare Hoenheim, , France Deconstructivist Transportation - Station
Hoffman House East Hampton, NY, United States Modern - Expressionist Residential - Single Family
Hogeveld Brede School The Hague, , The Netherlands Modern Mixed Use
Hohensalzburg Castle Salzburg, , Austria Medieval Defensive - Castle