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Building Location Style Type
Hohenstaufen Castle Cosenza, , Italy Medieval Defensive - Castle
Hoki Museum Chiba, KA, Japan Modern - Mass Public - Museum
Hokkaidō Shrine Sapporo, , Japan Japanese Religious - Temple
Holkham Hall Norfolk, , England Palladian Residential - Palace
Holland House London, , England Early Modern Commercial - Office
Hollyhock House West Hollywood, , United States Modern - Mass Residential - Single Family
Holmenkollen Chapel Oslo, , Norway Dragestil Religious - Chapel
Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica Oslo, , Norway Dragestil Residential - Hotel
Holmwood House Glasgow, , Scotland Neoclassical Residential - Single Family
Holy Cross Church (Chur) Chur, , Switzerland Modern - Brutalist Religious - Church
Holy Family Shrine Gretna, NE, United States Modern - Environmental Religious - Chapel
Holy Redeemer Church Santa Cruz de Tenerife, , The Canary Islands Modern - Mass Religious - Church
Holy Sepulchre (Cambridge) Cambridge, , England Medieval Religious - Church
Holy Spirit Church (Trinity Lavra) Sergiev Posad, , Russia Muscovite Religious - Church
Holy Trinity Column at Olomouc Olomouc, , Czech Republic Baroque Religious - Monument
Holyrood Abbey Edinburgh, , Scotland Gothic - Early Religious - Abbey
Home Haus Hamburg, , Germany Modern Residential - Dormitory
Honda Big Wing Bangkok, , Thailand Deconstructivist Commercial - Retail
Honeycomb Apartments Izola, , Slovenia Modern - Expressionist Residential - Multi Family
Hong Kong Bank Headquarters Hong Kong, , China Modern - High Tech Tower - Office
Hong Kong Convention Centre Hong Kong, , China Modern Assembly - Conference
Hong Kong Institute of Design Hong Kong, , China Modern - Structural Educational - University
Honma Museum of Art Sakata, TH, Japan Japanese Residential - Palace
Hood Museum of Art Hanover, NH, United States Post Modern Public - Museum
Hoofdvaart Bridge I Hoofddorp, , The Netherlands Modern - Sculptural Transportation - Bridge
Hoofdvaart Bridge II Hoofddorp, , The Netherlands Modern - Sculptural Transportation - Bridge
Hoofdvaart Bridge III Hoofddorp, , The Netherlands Modern - Sculptural Transportation - Bridge
Hooglandse Kerk Leiden, , The Netherlands Gothic - Early Religious - Church
Hook & Ladder No. 8 Firehouse New York City, NY, United States Neo-Renaissance Public - Infrastructure
Hopewell Baptist Church Edmond, OK, United States Modern - Organic Religious - Church