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Building Location Style Type
B. Harley Bradley House Kankakee, IL, United States Modern - Prairie Residential - Single Family
B. Schwartz House Two Rivers, WI, United States Modern - Usonian Residential - Single Family
B. Westcott House Springfield, OH, United States Modern - Prairie Residential - Single Family
Bab al-Futuh Cairo, , Egypt Islamic Defensive - Gate
Bab al-Mansour Meknès, , Morocco Islamic Defensive - Gate
Bab Berdaïne Meknès, , Morocco Islamic Defensive - Gate
Bab el-Khemis Meknès, , Morocco Islamic Defensive - Gate
Bab Zuweila Cairo, , Egypt Islamic Defensive - Gate
Baba Vida Fortress Vidin, , Bulgaria Medieval Defensive - Fort
Baba Wali Shrine Arghandab, , Afganistan Islamic Religious - Monument
Babelsberg Castle Potsdam, , Germany Gothic - English Residential - Palace
Baby Dragon Pavilion Jinhua, , China Modern - Mass Public - Pavilion
Babylon Fortress Cairo, , Egypt Ancient Roman Defensive - Fort
Bac de Roda Bridge Barcelona, , Spain Modern - Sculptural Transportation - Bridge
Bacardí Rum Factory Mexico City, , Mexico Structural Expressionist Industrial - Factory
Bacardi Building (Miami) Miami, , United States Modern - Miami (MiMo) Modern Commercial - Office
Bacardi Office Building Mexico City, , Mexico Modern - Miesian Commercial - Office
Bachkovo Monastery Bachkovo, , Bulgaria Byzantine Religious - Monastery
Bachman House Chicago, IL, United States Modern - Expressionist Residential - Single Family
Bacolod Cathedral Bacolod City, , The Philipines Spanish Colonial Religious - Cathedral
Bad Radkersburg Cultural Centre Bad Radkersburg, , Austria Modern Public - Museum
Badajoz Congress Center Badajoz, , Spain Modern - Expressionist Assembly - Conference
Badshahi Mosque Lahore, , Pakistan Islamic Religious - Mosque
Baekelandplein Eindhoven, , The Netherlands Modern Residential - Multi Family
BAF Building Atizapan de Zaragoza, , Mexico Modern Commercial - Office
Bagnoli Futura Naples, , Italy Modern - Structural Public - Museum
Bagrati Cathedral Kutaisi, , Georgia Early Christian Religious - Cathedral
Bagsværd Church Bagsværd, , Denmark Modern Religious - Church
Bahá'í Lotus Temple (Asia) Delhi, , India Modern - Expressionist Religious - Temple
Bahá'í Temple (Africa) Kampala, , Uganda Victorian Religious - Temple