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Building Location Style Type
K-Museum Tokyo, KA, Japan Modern - Expressionist Public - Museum
K. Lemke House Berlin, Germany Modern Residential - Single Family
K.A. Staley House North Madison, OH, United States Modern - Usonian Residential - Single Family
K.C. DeRhodes House South Bend, IN, United States Modern - Prairie Residential - Single Family
Kaba Aye Pagoda Yangon, Myanmar Buddhist Religious - Monument
Kabah Temple Complex Kabah, YC, Mexico Ancient Mayan Religious - Temple
Kabuki-cho Tower Tokyo, KA, Japan Modern - High Tech Commercial - Office
Kadinjača Monument Kadinjača, Serbia Modern - Brutalist Civic - Monument
Kaffee Partner Headquarters Osnabrück, Germany Modern Commercial - Office
Kafka Castle Sitges, Spain Modern - Metabolist Residential - Multi Family
Kagawa Prefectural Gymnasium Takamatsu, SH, Japan Modern - Brutalist Assembly - Stadium
Kailash Temple Ellora, India Hindu Religious - Temple
Kailashanathar Temple Kanchipuram, India Hindu Religious - Temple
Kaiser Wilhelm New Church Berlin, Germany Modern - Brutalist Religious - Church
Kaiser Wilhelm Old Church Berlin, Germany Romanesque Religious - Church
Kaistraße Studios Düsseldorf, Germany Modern Commercial - Office
Kakamigahara Crematorium Kakamigahara, CU, Japan Modern - Minimalist Religious - Cemetary
Kalân Mosque Bukhara, Uzbekistan Islamic Religious - Mosque
Kaleva Church Tampere, Finland Modern Religious - Church
Kalita Humphreys Theater Dallas, TX, United States Modern - Prairie Assembly - Theatre
Kallio Church Helsinki, Finland Art Nouveau Religious - Church
Kalmar Castle Kalmar, Sweden Medieval Defensive - Castle
Kalmar Cathedral Kalmar, Sweden Baroque Religious - Cathedral
Kalmar Museum of Art Kalmar, Sweden Modern Public - Museum
Kalyan Minaret Bukhara, Uzbekistan Islamic Religious - Monument
Kam Liu Building Chicago, IL, United States Modern Educational - University
Kamakshi Amman Temple Kanchipuram, India Hindu Religious - Temple
Kameleon Department Store Wroclaw, Poland Modern - Streamline Commercial - Retail
Kamigata Rakugo Association Hall Osaka, KN, Japan Modern - Mass Assembly - Theatre
Kaminarimon Gate (Sensō-ji) Tokyo, KA, Japan Japanese Defensive - Gate