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Building Location Style Type
P10 Mixed Use Building Split, , Croatia Modern Commercial - Office Residential - Multi Family Mixed Use
PA Technology Center Princeton, NJ, United States Modern - High Tech Educational - University
PA Technology Center (England) Melbourn, , England Modern - High Tech Educational - University
Pažaislis Monastery Kaunas, , Lithuania Baroque Religious - Monastery
Pacific Design Center West Hollywood, , United States Post Modern Commercial - Office
Pacific Telephone Building San Francisco, , United States Art Deco Tower - Office
Pacific-Union Club San Francisco, , United States Neo-Renaissance Residential - Single Family
Paddington Station London, , England Victorian Transportation - Station
Paddington Station Addition London, , England Modern - High Tech Transportation - Station
Paderne Castle Albufeira, , Portugal Medieval Defensive - Castle
Padre Pio Pilgrimage Church San Giovanni Rotondo, , Italy Modern - High Tech Religious - Church
Padua 9/11 Memorial Padua, , Italy Deconstructivist Civic - Monument
Pagoda (Hōryū-ji Temple) Nara, KN, Japan Japanese Religious - Monument
Pagoda (Kiyomizu-dera Temple) Kyoto, KN, Japan Japanese Religious - Monument
Pagoda (Sensō-ji) Tokyo, KA, Japan Japanese Religious - Monument
Pagoda Forest (Shaolin Temple) Dengfeng, , China Chinese Religious - Monument
Paichai University Appenzeller Hall Daejeon, , South Korea Modern - Expressionist Assembly - Exhibition
Paimio Sanatorium Paimio, , Finland Modern Residential - Multi Family
Pajol Sports Centre Paris, , France Modern Assembly - Stadium
Paju Book City Building Paju Book City, , South Korea Modern Commercial - Office
Pala Lottomatica Rome, , Italy Structural Expressionist Assembly - Stadium
Palace at Knossos Knossos, CE, Greece Vernacular - Greek Residential - Palace
Palace at Persepolis Marvdasht, , Iran Vernacular - Mesopotamia Residential - Palace
Palace at Petra Petra, , Jordan Ancient Roman Residential - Palace
Palace Megaron (Mycenae) Mycenae, , Greece Vernacular - Greek Religious - Temple
Palace Megaron (Tiryns) Nea Tiryntha, , Greece Vernacular - Greek Religious - Temple
Palace of Ceremonies (Tbilisi) Tbilisi, , Georgia Modern - Sculptural Religious - Church
Palace of Concerts and Sports Vilnius, , Lithuania Modern - Brutalist Assembly - Theatre
Palace of Culture and Science (Warsaw) Warsaw, , Poland Stalinist Tower - Mixed Use
Palace of Diocletian Split, , Croatia Ancient Roman Residential - Palace