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Building Location Style Type
T'ai-ho Men Gate Beijing, China Chinese Defensive - Gate
T-Center Vienna, Austria Deconstructivist Commercial - Office
T.H. Gale House Oak Park, IL, United States Modern - Prairie Residential - Single Family
T.H. Kalil House Manchester, NH, United States Modern - Usonian Residential - Single Family
Ta Prohm Temple (Angkor) Siem Reap, Cambodia Hindu Religious - Temple
Taal Church Taal, The Philippines Baroque Religious - Basilica
Taastrup Theatre Taastrup, Denmark Modern - Expressionist Assembly - Theatre
Tabard Square Pavilion London, England Modern - Expressionist Public - Pavilion Commercial - Restaurant
Tacoma Art Museum Tacoma, WA, United States Modern - Expressionist Public - Museum
Tagblatt-Turm Stuttgart, Germany Functionalist Tower - Residential
Tagore Memorial Hall Ahmedabad, India Modern - Brutalist Assembly - Theatre
Tai Yip Building Hong Kong, China Modern Tower - Office
Taipei 101 Taipei, Taiwan Post Modern Tower - Mixed Use
Taipei Confucius Temple Taipei, Taiwan Chinese Religious - Temple
Taisei High School Shizuoka, CU, Japan Modern - Expressionist Educational - School
Taiyuan Museum of Art Taiyuan, China Modern - Expressionist Public - Museum
Taj Mahal Agra, India Mughal Religious - Monument
Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai, India Indo-Saracenic Residential - Hotel
Tajbeg Palace Kabul, Afganistan Neoclassical Residential - Palace
TAK Building Kyoto, KN, Japan Modern Commercial - Retail
Takht-e Soleymān Citadel Azarbaijan, Iran Vernacular - Mesopotamia Defensive - Citadel
Takht-i-Bahi Monastery Takhat Bhai, Pakistan Buddhist Religious - Monastery
Taktsang Monastery Paro Valley, Bhutan Dzong Religious - Monastery
Taliesin East Spring Green, WI, United States Modern - Prairie Residential - Single Family
Taliesin West Scottsdale, AZ, United States Modern - Prairie Residential - Single Family
Taller de Arquitectura Office Barcelona, Spain Modern - Brutalist Commercial - Office
Tallink Headquarters Tallinn, Estonia Modern - Structural Commercial - Office
Tallinn English College Sports Hall Tallinn, Estonia Modern Commercial - Office
Tallinn TV Tower Tallinn, Estonia Modern Tower - Communications
Tama Art University Library Setagaya, KA, Japan Modern - Mass Public - Library