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Maggie's Centre Buildings Building Series
Mahogany Wood Materials
Mansard Roof Roof Types
Maple Wood Wood Materials
Marble Stone Materials
Masonite Wood Materials
Masonry Stone Materials
Mast Architectural Elements
Mastaba Architectural Elements
Material Wrap Geometric Motifs Geometries, Massing & Patterns
Matrix Geometric Motifs Geometries, Massing & Patterns
Melamine Synthetics Materials
Membrane Façade Façade Types
Mesa Verde Ruins Complexes
Metal Materials
MiMo Hotels Building Series
Minaret Architectural Elements
Mirror Surface Types Façade Types
MIT Campus Complexes
Moat Architectural Elements
Modular Façade Façade Types
Module Architectural Elements
Moiré Geometric Motifs Geometries, Massing & Patterns
Moldavia Painted Churches Building Series
Monasteries of Metéora Complexes
Monocoque Shell Structure Structures & Technologies
Mosaic Architectural Elements
Moscow Kremlin Complexes
Movement Dynamic Components