Buildings that utilize stone as all or part of their structural or aesthetic material. Related Styles:  Ancient Aztec, Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Ancient Incan, Ancient Mayan, Ancient Roman, Gothic - Early, Gothic - English, Gothic - High, Gothic - Isabelline, Gothic - Italian, Gothic - Late, Gothic - Spanish, Neo-Gothic, Scottish Baronial Related Tags:  Alabaster, Andesite, Ōya Stone, Basalt, Brick, Cantera Stone, Ceramic, Coral Stone, Dolomite, Fibre Cement, Gabion, Granite, Istrian Limestone, Limestone, Marble, Masonry, Onyx, Quartz, Quartz Monzonite, Quartzite, Rhyolite, Rock-cut, Rustication, Sandstone, Siltstone, Slate, Soapstone, Tezontle, Trachyte, Translucent Stone, Travertine, Tufa Stone, Tuff Stone, Undressed Stone